• Submissions can only be written in Turkish and English.
  • Your submission must be in PDF format. We will not accept papers in any other format. Therefore, irrespective of whatever text processor or formatter you use to write your paper (LaTeX, Microsoft Word, FrameMaker, etc.), please convert the output to PDF before submitting it.
  • Turkish and English titles/or subtitles of submissions must be exact translation of each other.
  • Turkish Abstract and Keywords sections must be written first, respectively. Then it should be followed by English Abstract and Keyword sections, respectively.
    Turkish and English sections of Abstract and Keywords must be exact translation of each other.
  • Special characters, symbols, mathematical expressions and references must not be used in the Abstract and submission Title.
  • Your submission must use Times New Roman 12 pt font and footnote format must be 10 pt.
  • Electronic images must be in jpeg format (avoid including images within other software applications such as Microsoft Word, etc.) and at least 300 dpi resolutions.
  • Submissions must be correctly formatted for printing on A4 (210 by 297 mm) paper. Paper text blocks must follow single-column, 1.25 cm indent in the first line of a paragraph, justified text format, margins with the required format (Top :3 cm , Bottom: 2.5 cm; Left: 4 cm , Right: 2 cm) and single-spaced.
  • Footnotes numeration must begin from first page in the increasing order with starting 1.

Samples for paper and book:
For single-author: Özdoğan 2014, 108.
For two-authors: Aybek – Öz 2004, 19.
For three and more authors: Güler et al., 2012, 163

Bibliography must be included at the end of paper in alphabetical order.

Conference Papers (with issue numbers): 
Author’s Lastname, First initial of his/her name, Conference paper title, Name or abbreviation of conference, Place of publication,Year of publication Page range of paper.

Author’s Lastname, Name, Title of book, (if available first initial of name and full lastname of the interpreter) Place of publication,Year of publication.

Chapters/Sections in Books:
Author’s Lastname, Name, Chapter/Section name, editor (ed.), Title of book, Place of publication, Year of publication.

Electronic Sources:
Link of publication and accessing date must be indicated for references to electronic sources.
http://www.aegeobalkanprehistory.net/article.php?id_art=9 (September 14 2008).