Call for Papers
         The year 2019 is being celebrated as the year of Gobeklitepe in Turkey. In this context, as the multidisciplinary joint work of the departments of archaeology, history, geography, philosophy, theology and economics of Harran University, the 1st International Gobeklitepe and Neolithic Settlements Congress – IGNSC 2019 – will be held on November 28-29, 2019 in Harran University, Sanliurfa, Turkey.
         We invite submissions on a wide range of the Neolithic Age and Gobeklitepe including archaeological excavations, findings, art, ritual, socio-cultural dynamics, agriculture, stockbreeding, trade and economics.


On behalf of the Congress Organizing Committee
Prof. Dr. Abdullah Ekinci 


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Paper Submission:
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Topics of interest include;

  1. The Neolithic Age Settlements and Archaeological Excavations
  2. Monumental Architecture and Primitive Structures in the Neolithic Age
  3. Pottery in the Neolithic Age
  4. Art & Symbolizm in the Neolithic Age
  5. Ritual Practices in the Neolithic Age
  6. Burial Cult in the Neolithic Age
  7. Society in the transition to Settled Life
  8. The Technology of the Neolithic Age and Design Culture
  9. Dietary Pattern in the Neolithic Age
  10. Agriculture & Stockbreeding in the Neolithic Age
  11. The Importance of the Neolithic Age in the History of Civilization
  12. Trade and Economy in the Neolithic Age
  13. Historical Geography, Habitat and Climate Change in the Neolithic Age
  14. Göbeklitepe in the context of Theology
  15. Tourism and Regional Development